LOOKING FOR ARETE > About the Project

What does it look like, to struggle beautifully?

Looking for Arete is how I, as an artist and person, have decided to grapple with this very question.

Looking for Arete artwork and writings are my deeply personal wonderings about the immense curiosity, bravery, commitment and perseverance that true excellence requires.

Looking for Arete involves athletes, oracles, makers and sages who offer their amazing arete to the world with beauty, grace, power and wisdom.

Looking for Arete’s underlying purpose is to give each project participant better clarity and vision of their personal path towards arete.

Looking for Arete participants, thank you...for so generously sharing your beautiful gifts with the world, and for being part of my musing.

Looking for Arete supporters, thank you...for so generously helping me give my gifts of arete away.