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When most Patreon creators use paid membership tiers, they act as content pay-walls. Typically, tiered membership 'rewards' members at higher membership levels by giving them greater content access. Basically speaking, if you want to get more, you need to pay more.

Hmm...that doesn't really work for Looking for Arete....

Looking for Arete membership is different: all tiers have the exact same access. Project postings are public, meaning content is accessible to everyone--paying patrons, free members and public viewers alike.

Patronage of Looking for Arete has nothing to do with project access. But it has everything to do with the project's heart: Supporting arete.

Actually, because all of the project's

Being a member of Looking for Arete is one of the best ways to best support the project, its participants, and me as an artist and writer.

A robust membership base helps amplify the project's visibility, which boosts awareness of some pretty incredible arete in the world.

By helping to create a stable financial foundation for my creative practice, paid memberships directly support my arete. and allow the project to reach its potential scale and scope.

Regardless of tier (free or paying), each Looking for Arete membership has rippling impact on arete.

Looking for Arete Membership Levels

The project has several membership levels: Free, Gift ($5/month), Present ($10/month), and Offering ($20/month.)

If you want to support the project, please become a Looking for Arete member at whatever level is financially comfortable. If you choose a paid membership...thank you so very much--for your belief in me, my creative potential, and the arete in the world!

Patronage on Patreon

Read Giving It Away and Paying to Play to understand why and how patronage supports my arete.