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Most Looking for Arete artworks are gifts which I make for individuals I have invited to participate in the project. Some are private gifts, while others are public. Regardless, a Looking for Arete artwork is personal and meaningful for me to give—and (hopefully) for the recipient to receive.

Private Looking for Arete gifts are mainly for participants who remain anonymous, for one reason or another. I do not share the making process or finished artwork with anyone other than the recipient. Patronage of my artistic practice (via Patreon) supports my ability to give these gifts.

Public Looking for Arete gifts are the artworks whose journeys (from idea to object) are publicly shared by me in some way. Recipients of these artworks are identified. Crowdfunding (via Patreon) supports both my work and the arete of the participant.

Certain Looking for Arete projects involve significant collaboration. Some aspects of the collaboration are private while others are public. The creative work is not mine alone, nor does it result in a singular gift. In this case, it is the collaboration process which is the gift. This work is funded by patronage and crowdfunding (on Patreon), grants, and direct sales of artwork or performance tickets.

Looking for Arete also involves gifts of my time and artistic expertise to non-profit causes. When appropriate, I share the artistic making process on social media and include the finished artwork in the project's portfolio. These gifts are given freely, as my personal donation.

(Thanks to the Red Hot Chili Peppers) I've thought about giving it away quite a bit lately.

Here’s (a few selfish reasons) why I've decided to make art as gifts rather than concentrating on "selling it.".

I’ve never had much success selling (anything).
But I’m really good at giving (meaningful gifts).
And it gives me freedom to explore (what I want to create).

However, my art is (actually) not cheap.

Here’s (a few major reasons) why.

I use (all sorts of precious) materials.
It takes (significant) time and skill (to create).
And requires a ton of thought (to make).

And here's (the biggest -and most unselfish- reason) why I'm giving it away.

Because (right now)
The world needs (us to feel)
More awe (beautifully).

Awe (noun): a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. -Oxford Languages

The Gifts of Arete