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Parts and Pieces

Looking for Arete is in its initial stages. Built from various components, this is how I am currently categorizing the varied conceptual beginnings of this long-term project:

The Beautiful—Beings, Places, Things

Ruminating about beauty with what I know best: clay concrete glass paper photographs metal stone water tempera acrylic oil ink graphite light gold-leaf pearl-dust salt….

Athlete Oracle Maker Sage

Beautifully phenomenal people who exhibit arete...beautifully. Idealized portraits of their beauty.

A Piece of You

Everyone wants a piece…so be sure to hold on to what really, really matters. Precious talismans for self-preservation, made collaboratively with recipients.

Wrestling with Arete

We all wrestle with something. Six-minute mixed-media performances, focusing on grappling with the invisible double.

Put It On

T-shirts, etc. etc. Clothing and jewelry designed/worn by people who wrestle with arete.

Lessons From the Schoolhouse

Wisdom and laughter from a long, adventurous life of collecting all kinds of beauty.


A novel, not a short story (and how Looking for Arete all began).

Parts and Pieces

I’ve said it before:
I work in parts and pieces, in series, over time.
Turns out...I was really serious about all of that!