Looking for Arete allows me to make artworks of arete (highest quality) for people with arete (highest effectiveness) about their arete (striving to reach a highest potential).

Looking for Arete artwork is not commissioned or purchased by the recipients. Rather, each person receives it as a gift (to keep...or regift, sell, donate, discard...). The artwork is both a reminder (of their striving towards arete) and a thank you memento (for their participation in the project).

How To (Help) Give It Away:

Patronage: Become a patron of Looking for Arete. It's easy, via my member page on Patreon (a community building platform for creatives).

Purchasing: Buy artwork! See the Other Work section or participate in upcoming flash auctions/fundraisers.

Hiring: Utilize my teaching, writing and creative consulting services. See the Services page.

Donating: Supplies, talent, expertise, connections…if you have any of these to give, it’s all good!


Thank you, thank you, thank you...
for supporting (my) arete.