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Looking for Arete allows me to make artworks of arete (highest quality) for people with arete (highest effectiveness) about their arete (striving to reach a highest potential).

Looking for Arete artwork is not commissioned or purchased by the recipients. Rather, each person receives it as a gift (to keep...or regift, sell, donate, discard...!). The artwork is both a reminder (of their striving towards arete) and a thank you memento (for their participation in the project).

How To (Help) Give It Away:

Patronage: Become a patron of Looking for Arete. It's easy, via my member page on Patreon (a community building platform for creatives). Free and subscribing memberships are available, so please sign up at whatever level is comfortable.

Purchasing: Buy artwork! See the Older Arete Work section or participate in upcoming flash auctions/fundraisers.

Hiring: Utilize my teaching, writing and creative consulting services. See the Services page.

Donating: Supplies, talent, expertise, connections...if you have any of these to give, it’s all good! Please contact me if you have something you want to give away with (or to) me.

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

Yes, I am referring to the Red Hot Chili Peppers here. So (just) really listen to it here...(and then come back!).

Thank you, thank you, thank you (Anthony et al., for Looking for Arete's theme song.)

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