Holding Freight: Joliet

This project is currently on hiatus, for a variety of reasons--including COVID-19. However, I am exploring ways to move it forward. Please do not fill out a truck survey at this time. If you are interested in the project, please feel free to contact me directly at elise@elisekendrot.com or through my Contact page.

Holding Freight: Joliet

About the Holding Freight: Joliet Project

Holding Freight: Joliet is part of my ongoing series, Holding Freight (see Portfolios section). It began as a reaction to NorthPoint Development’s proposal to build a 2,300+ acre freight warehouse and distribution district in Joliet, Illinois. If built, Compass Business Park has immense implications for the region, impacts which reach far beyond its actual physical footprint.

Holding Freight: Joliet is both a community survey and an artwork. The survey form is a paper template form which, when it is cut out and folded, becomes a dimensional freight truck. Completed surveys will be used collectively as components of a larger-scale sculpture.

What does a stack of 100, or 2,300 or 16,000 or 52,000 of these paper trucks look like? I am curious to find out, and I hope the community is interested as well.

How to Participate

Participating is simple: complete the survey and return it. It can be given to me in person, or send via email or mail. Contact information is listed on the information page of the survey sheet.

Please be aware that the information you provide will become part of a database survey which may be shared with other entities who are interested in the community’s thoughts. Therefore, fill out only the sections you want to publicly share.

Thank you for participating in Holding Freight: Joliet.