LOOKING FOR ARETE > About the Project

Each Looking for Arete participant receives a personal artwork from me (and others) as a gift.

The presented artworks act as reminders (of their striving) and mementos (for their participation). By helping to cover the cost of making Looking for Arete artworks, people can assist me in giving these gifts away.

(I've thought about it a lot) and I truly do want to give it away.

Here’s (a few selfish reasons) why.

I’ve never had much success selling (anything).
But I’m really good at giving (meaningful gifts).
And it gives me freedom to explore (what I want to create).

However, my art is not cheap.

Here’s (a few major reasons) why.

I use (all sorts of precious) materials.
It takes (significant) time and skill (to create).
And requires a ton of thought (to make).

I hope you join me in giving it away.

Here's (an unselfish reason) why.

Because (right now)
The world needs (us to feel)
More awe (beautifully).

Gifts of Arete

Awe (noun): a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.
-Oxford Languages

Right now...
we (probably) need more awe in the world.